800mg Sleep Gummies Broad Spectrum (80ct)

Available Bottle Sizes:

Sample Size Pack 4ct 40mg (10mg/piece)
Full Size Bottle 20ct 200mg (10mg/piece)
Queen Size Bottle 40ct 400mg (10mg/piece)
King Size Bottle 80ct 800mg (10mg/piece)


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SleepEZ Pillowz

VitaDreamz delicious SleepEZ Pillowz are a crowd favorite and work great as a nightly dessert! Each chew comes infused with a microdose of VitaDreamz Ultimate Natural Sleep Blend, allowing easier dosing for those who might find themselves sensitive to sleep aids and don’t want to wake up feeling drowsy or groggy!

1-4 Infused Pillowz = 1 Night of Sleep

We recommend starting with 1-2 pillowz, 30-60 mins before sleep. If you need more, take up to 4 pillowz. TRY ALL 4 FLAVORS: Slumber Berry, Green Napple, Peaceful Pineapple, Soothing Citrus.


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